old_sync.hpp File Reference
#include "basejob.hpp"
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class  Kazv::Api::GetEventsJob
 Listen on the event stream. More...
class  Kazv::Api::GetEventsJob::JobResponse
class  Kazv::Api::InitialSyncJob
 Get the user's current state. More...
struct  Kazv::Api::InitialSyncJob::PaginationChunk
 The pagination chunk for this room. More...
struct  Kazv::Api::InitialSyncJob::RoomInfo
 This returns the full state for this user, with an optional limit on the number of messages per room to return. More...
class  Kazv::Api::InitialSyncJob::JobResponse
struct  nlohmann::adl_serializer< InitialSyncJob::PaginationChunk >
struct  nlohmann::adl_serializer< InitialSyncJob::RoomInfo >
class  Kazv::Api::GetOneEventJob
 Get a single event by event ID. More...
class  Kazv::Api::GetOneEventJob::JobResponse




using Kazv::Api::GetEventsResponse = GetEventsJob::JobResponse
using Kazv::Api::InitialSyncResponse = InitialSyncJob::JobResponse
using Kazv::Api::GetOneEventResponse = GetOneEventJob::JobResponse