Kazv::Api::GetOneEventJob Class Reference

Get a single event by event ID. More...

#include <old_sync.hpp>

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class  JobResponse

Public Member Functions

 GetOneEventJob (std::string serverUrl, std::string _accessToken, std::string eventId)
 Get a single event by event ID. More...
GetOneEventJob withData (JsonWrap j) &&
GetOneEventJob withData (JsonWrap j) const &
- Public Member Functions inherited from Kazv::BaseJob
 BaseJob (std::string serverUrl, std::string requestUrl, Method method, std::string jobId, std::string token={}, ReturnType returnType=ReturnType::Json, Body body=EmptyBody{}, Query query={}, Header header={}, std::optional< FileDesc > responseFile=std::nullopt)
 ~BaseJob ()
bool shouldReturnJson () const
std::string url () const
Body requestBody () const
Header requestHeader () const
ReturnType returnType () const
Query requestQuery () const
 returns the non-encoded query as an array of pairs More...
Method requestMethod () const
Response genResponse (Response r) const
BaseJob withData (JsonWrap j) &&
BaseJob withData (JsonWrap j) const &
BaseJob withQueue (std::string id, JobQueuePolicy policy=AlwaysContinue) &&
BaseJob withQueue (std::string id, JobQueuePolicy policy=AlwaysContinue) const &
json dataJson (const std::string &key) const
std::string dataStr (const std::string &key) const
std::string jobId () const
std::optional< std::string > queueId () const
JobQueuePolicy queuePolicy () const
std::optional< FileDescresponseFile () const

Static Public Member Functions

static constexpr auto needsAuth ()
static BaseJob::Query buildQuery ()
static BaseJob::Body buildBody (std::string eventId)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Kazv::BaseJob
static bool contentTypeMatches (immer::array< std::string > expected, std::string actual)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Kazv::BaseJob
enum  ReturnType { Json, File }
using Method = std::variant< Get, Post, Put, Delete >
using Body = ::Kazv::Body
using BytesBody = ::Kazv::BytesBody
using JsonBody = ::Kazv::JsonBody
using EmptyBody = ::Kazv::EmptyBody
using Header = ::Kazv::Header
using Response = ::Kazv::Response
- Static Public Attributes inherited from Kazv::BaseJob
static Get GET {}
static Post POST {}
static Put PUT {}
static Delete DELETE {}
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Kazv::BaseJob
void attachData (JsonWrap data)

Detailed Description

Get a single event by event ID.

Get a single event based on event_id. You must have permission to retrieve this event e.g. by being a member in the room for this event.

This endpoint was deprecated in r0 of this specification. Clients should instead call the /rooms/{roomId}/event/{eventId} API or the /rooms/{roomId}/context/{eventId API.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ GetOneEventJob()

Kazv::Api::GetOneEventJob::GetOneEventJob ( std::string  serverUrl,
std::string  _accessToken,
std::string  eventId 

Get a single event by event ID.

eventIdThe event ID to get.

Member Function Documentation

◆ buildBody()

BaseJob::Body Kazv::Api::GetOneEventJob::buildBody ( std::string  eventId)

◆ buildQuery()

BaseJob::Query Kazv::Api::GetOneEventJob::buildQuery ( )

◆ needsAuth()

static constexpr auto Kazv::Api::GetOneEventJob::needsAuth ( )

◆ withData() [1/2]

GetOneEventJob Kazv::Api::GetOneEventJob::withData ( JsonWrap  j) &&

◆ withData() [2/2]

GetOneEventJob Kazv::Api::GetOneEventJob::withData ( JsonWrap  j) const &

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