rooms.hpp File Reference
#include "basejob.hpp"
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class  Kazv::Api::GetOneRoomEventJob
 Get a single event by event ID. More...
class  Kazv::Api::GetOneRoomEventJob::JobResponse
class  Kazv::Api::GetRoomStateWithKeyJob
 Get the state identified by the type and key. More...
class  Kazv::Api::GetRoomStateWithKeyJob::JobResponse
class  Kazv::Api::GetRoomStateJob
 Get all state events in the current state of a room. More...
class  Kazv::Api::GetRoomStateJob::JobResponse
class  Kazv::Api::GetMembersByRoomJob
 Get the events for the room. More...
class  Kazv::Api::GetMembersByRoomJob::JobResponse
class  Kazv::Api::GetJoinedMembersByRoomJob
 Gets the list of currently joined users and their profile data. More...
struct  Kazv::Api::GetJoinedMembersByRoomJob::RoomMember
 This API returns a map of MXIDs to member info objects for members of the room. The current user must be in the room for it to work, unless it is an Application Service in which case any of the AS's users must be in the room. This API is primarily for Application Services and should be faster to respond than /members as it can be implemented more efficiently on the server. More...
class  Kazv::Api::GetJoinedMembersByRoomJob::JobResponse
struct  nlohmann::adl_serializer< GetJoinedMembersByRoomJob::RoomMember >




using Kazv::Api::GetOneRoomEventResponse = GetOneRoomEventJob::JobResponse
using Kazv::Api::GetRoomStateWithKeyResponse = GetRoomStateWithKeyJob::JobResponse
using Kazv::Api::GetRoomStateResponse = GetRoomStateJob::JobResponse
using Kazv::Api::GetMembersByRoomResponse = GetMembersByRoomJob::JobResponse
using Kazv::Api::GetJoinedMembersByRoomResponse = GetJoinedMembersByRoomJob::JobResponse