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class  Kazv::Api::UploadKeysJob
 Upload end-to-end encryption keys. More...
class  Kazv::Api::UploadKeysJob::JobResponse
class  Kazv::Api::QueryKeysJob
 Download device identity keys. More...
struct  Kazv::Api::QueryKeysJob::UnsignedDeviceInfo
 Additional data added to the device key information by intermediate servers, and not covered by the signatures. More...
struct  Kazv::Api::QueryKeysJob::DeviceInformation
 Returns the current devices and identity keys for the given users. More...
class  Kazv::Api::QueryKeysJob::JobResponse
struct  nlohmann::adl_serializer< QueryKeysJob::UnsignedDeviceInfo >
struct  nlohmann::adl_serializer< QueryKeysJob::DeviceInformation >
class  Kazv::Api::ClaimKeysJob
 Claim one-time encryption keys. More...
class  Kazv::Api::ClaimKeysJob::JobResponse
class  Kazv::Api::GetKeysChangesJob
 Query users with recent device key updates. More...
class  Kazv::Api::GetKeysChangesJob::JobResponse




using Kazv::Api::UploadKeysResponse = UploadKeysJob::JobResponse
using Kazv::Api::QueryKeysResponse = QueryKeysJob::JobResponse
using Kazv::Api::ClaimKeysResponse = ClaimKeysJob::JobResponse
using Kazv::Api::GetKeysChangesResponse = GetKeysChangesJob::JobResponse