directory.hpp File Reference
#include "basejob.hpp"
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class  Kazv::Api::SetRoomAliasJob
 Create a new mapping from room alias to room ID. More...
class  Kazv::Api::SetRoomAliasJob::JobResponse
class  Kazv::Api::GetRoomIdByAliasJob
 Get the room ID corresponding to this room alias. More...
class  Kazv::Api::GetRoomIdByAliasJob::JobResponse
class  Kazv::Api::DeleteRoomAliasJob
 Remove a mapping of room alias to room ID. More...
class  Kazv::Api::DeleteRoomAliasJob::JobResponse
class  Kazv::Api::GetLocalAliasesJob
 Get a list of local aliases on a given room. More...
class  Kazv::Api::GetLocalAliasesJob::JobResponse




using Kazv::Api::SetRoomAliasResponse = SetRoomAliasJob::JobResponse
using Kazv::Api::GetRoomIdByAliasResponse = GetRoomIdByAliasJob::JobResponse
using Kazv::Api::DeleteRoomAliasResponse = DeleteRoomAliasJob::JobResponse
using Kazv::Api::GetLocalAliasesResponse = GetLocalAliasesJob::JobResponse