Kazv::Api::GetUserProfileJob Class Reference

Get this user's profile information. More...

#include <profile.hpp>

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class  JobResponse

Public Member Functions

 GetUserProfileJob (std::string serverUrl, std::string userId)
 Get this user's profile information. More...
GetUserProfileJob withData (JsonWrap j) &&
GetUserProfileJob withData (JsonWrap j) const &
- Public Member Functions inherited from Kazv::BaseJob
 BaseJob (std::string serverUrl, std::string requestUrl, Method method, std::string jobId, std::string token={}, ReturnType returnType=ReturnType::Json, Body body=EmptyBody{}, Query query={}, Header header={}, std::optional< FileDesc > responseFile=std::nullopt)
 ~BaseJob ()
bool shouldReturnJson () const
std::string url () const
Body requestBody () const
Header requestHeader () const
ReturnType returnType () const
Query requestQuery () const
 returns the non-encoded query as an array of pairs More...
Method requestMethod () const
Response genResponse (Response r) const
BaseJob withData (JsonWrap j) &&
BaseJob withData (JsonWrap j) const &
BaseJob withQueue (std::string id, JobQueuePolicy policy=AlwaysContinue) &&
BaseJob withQueue (std::string id, JobQueuePolicy policy=AlwaysContinue) const &
json dataJson (const std::string &key) const
std::string dataStr (const std::string &key) const
std::string jobId () const
std::optional< std::string > queueId () const
JobQueuePolicy queuePolicy () const
std::optional< FileDescresponseFile () const

Static Public Member Functions

static constexpr auto needsAuth ()
static BaseJob::Query buildQuery ()
static BaseJob::Body buildBody (std::string userId)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Kazv::BaseJob
static bool contentTypeMatches (immer::array< std::string > expected, std::string actual)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Kazv::BaseJob
enum  ReturnType { Json, File }
using Method = std::variant< Get, Post, Put, Delete >
using Body = ::Kazv::Body
using BytesBody = ::Kazv::BytesBody
using JsonBody = ::Kazv::JsonBody
using EmptyBody = ::Kazv::EmptyBody
using Header = ::Kazv::Header
using Response = ::Kazv::Response
- Static Public Attributes inherited from Kazv::BaseJob
static Get GET {}
static Post POST {}
static Put PUT {}
static Delete DELETE {}
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Kazv::BaseJob
void attachData (JsonWrap data)

Detailed Description

Get this user's profile information.

Get the combined profile information for this user. This API may be used to fetch the user's own profile information or other users; either locally or on remote homeservers. This API may return keys which are not limited to displayname or avatar_url.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ GetUserProfileJob()

Kazv::Api::GetUserProfileJob::GetUserProfileJob ( std::string  serverUrl,
std::string  userId 

Get this user's profile information.

userIdThe user whose profile information to get.

Member Function Documentation

◆ buildBody()

BaseJob::Body Kazv::Api::GetUserProfileJob::buildBody ( std::string  userId)

◆ buildQuery()

BaseJob::Query Kazv::Api::GetUserProfileJob::buildQuery ( )

◆ needsAuth()

static constexpr auto Kazv::Api::GetUserProfileJob::needsAuth ( )

◆ withData() [1/2]

GetUserProfileJob Kazv::Api::GetUserProfileJob::withData ( JsonWrap  j) &&

◆ withData() [2/2]

GetUserProfileJob Kazv::Api::GetUserProfileJob::withData ( JsonWrap  j) const &

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