Kazv::RoomModel Struct Reference

#include <room-model.hpp>

Public Types

using Membership = RoomMembership
using ReverseEventRelationshipMap = immer::map< std::string, immer::map< std::string, immer::flex_vector< std::string > >>
using Action = std::variant< AddStateEventsAction, AppendTimelineAction, PrependTimelineAction, AddToTimelineAction, AddAccountDataAction, ChangeMembershipAction, ChangeInviteStateAction, AddEphemeralAction, SetLocalDraftAction, SetRoomEncryptionAction, MarkMembersFullyLoadedAction, SetHeroIdsAction, AddLocalEchoAction, RemoveLocalEchoAction, AddPendingRoomKeyAction, RemovePendingRoomKeyAction, UpdateJoinedMemberCountAction, UpdateInvitedMemberCountAction >

Public Member Functions

immer::flex_vector< std::string > joinedMemberIds () const
immer::flex_vector< std::string > invitedMemberIds () const
immer::flex_vector< std::string > knockedMemberIds () const
immer::flex_vector< std::string > leftMemberIds () const
immer::flex_vector< std::string > bannedMemberIds () const
EventList joinedMemberEvents () const
EventList invitedMemberEvents () const
EventList knockedMemberEvents () const
EventList leftMemberEvents () const
EventList bannedMemberEvents () const
EventList heroMemberEvents () const
MegOlmSessionRotateDesc sessionRotateDesc () const
bool hasUser (std::string userId) const
std::optional< LocalEchoDescgetLocalEchoByTxnId (std::string txnId) const
std::optional< PendingRoomKeyEventgetPendingRoomKeyEventByTxnId (std::string txnId) const
immer::map< std::string, double > tags () const
Event makeAddTagEvent (std::string tagId, std::optional< double > order) const
Event makeRemoveTagEvent (std::string tagId) const
void generateRelationships (EventList newEvents)
 Fill in reverseEventRelationships by gathering the relationships specified in newEvents More...
void regenerateRelationships ()

Static Public Member Functions

static RoomModel update (RoomModel r, Action a)

Public Attributes

std::string roomId
immer::map< KeyOfState, EventstateEvents
immer::map< KeyOfState, EventinviteState
immer::flex_vector< std::string > timeline
immer::map< std::string, Eventmessages
immer::map< std::string, EventaccountData
Membership membership {}
std::string paginateBackToken
bool canPaginateBack {true}
 whether this room has earlier events to be fetched More...
immer::map< std::string, std::string > timelineGaps
immer::map< std::string, Eventephemeral
std::string localDraft
bool encrypted {false}
bool shouldRotateSessionKey {true}
 a marker to indicate whether we need to rotate the session key earlier than it expires (e.g. More...
bool membersFullyLoaded {false}
immer::flex_vector< std::string > heroIds
immer::flex_vector< LocalEchoDesclocalEchoes
immer::flex_vector< PendingRoomKeyEventpendingRoomKeyEvents
ReverseEventRelationshipMap reverseEventRelationships
std::size_t joinedMemberCount {0}
std::size_t invitedMemberCount {0}
std::string localReadMarker
 The local read marker for this room. More...
std::size_t localUnreadCount {0}
 The local unread count for this room. More...
std::size_t localNotificationCount {0}
 The local unread notification count for this room. More...
immer::map< std::string, ReadReceiptreadReceipts
 Read receipts for all users. More...
immer::map< std::string, immer::flex_vector< std::string > > eventReadUsers
 A map from event id to a list of users that has read receipt at that point. More...

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Action

◆ Membership

◆ ReverseEventRelationshipMap

using Kazv::RoomModel::ReverseEventRelationshipMap = immer::map< std::string , immer::map<std::string , immer::flex_vector<std::string > >>

Member Function Documentation

◆ bannedMemberEvents()

EventList Kazv::RoomModel::bannedMemberEvents ( ) const

◆ bannedMemberIds()

immer::flex_vector< std::string > Kazv::RoomModel::bannedMemberIds ( ) const

◆ generateRelationships()

void Kazv::RoomModel::generateRelationships ( EventList  newEvents)

Fill in reverseEventRelationships by gathering the relationships specified in newEvents

newEventsThe events that just came in after last time event relationships are gathered.

◆ getLocalEchoByTxnId()

std::optional< LocalEchoDesc > Kazv::RoomModel::getLocalEchoByTxnId ( std::string  txnId) const

◆ getPendingRoomKeyEventByTxnId()

std::optional< PendingRoomKeyEvent > Kazv::RoomModel::getPendingRoomKeyEventByTxnId ( std::string  txnId) const

◆ hasUser()

bool Kazv::RoomModel::hasUser ( std::string  userId) const

◆ heroMemberEvents()

EventList Kazv::RoomModel::heroMemberEvents ( ) const

◆ invitedMemberEvents()

EventList Kazv::RoomModel::invitedMemberEvents ( ) const

◆ invitedMemberIds()

immer::flex_vector< std::string > Kazv::RoomModel::invitedMemberIds ( ) const

◆ joinedMemberEvents()

EventList Kazv::RoomModel::joinedMemberEvents ( ) const

◆ joinedMemberIds()

immer::flex_vector< std::string > Kazv::RoomModel::joinedMemberIds ( ) const

◆ knockedMemberEvents()

EventList Kazv::RoomModel::knockedMemberEvents ( ) const

◆ knockedMemberIds()

immer::flex_vector< std::string > Kazv::RoomModel::knockedMemberIds ( ) const

◆ leftMemberEvents()

EventList Kazv::RoomModel::leftMemberEvents ( ) const

◆ leftMemberIds()

immer::flex_vector< std::string > Kazv::RoomModel::leftMemberIds ( ) const

◆ makeAddTagEvent()

Event Kazv::RoomModel::makeAddTagEvent ( std::string  tagId,
std::optional< double >  order 
) const

◆ makeRemoveTagEvent()

Event Kazv::RoomModel::makeRemoveTagEvent ( std::string  tagId) const

◆ regenerateRelationships()

void Kazv::RoomModel::regenerateRelationships ( )

◆ sessionRotateDesc()

MegOlmSessionRotateDesc Kazv::RoomModel::sessionRotateDesc ( ) const

◆ tags()

immer::map< std::string, double > Kazv::RoomModel::tags ( ) const

◆ update()

RoomModel Kazv::RoomModel::update ( RoomModel  r,
Action  a 

Member Data Documentation

◆ accountData

immer::map<std::string, Event> Kazv::RoomModel::accountData

◆ canPaginateBack

bool Kazv::RoomModel::canPaginateBack {true}

whether this room has earlier events to be fetched

◆ encrypted

bool Kazv::RoomModel::encrypted {false}

◆ ephemeral

immer::map<std::string, Event> Kazv::RoomModel::ephemeral

◆ eventReadUsers

immer::map< std::string , immer::flex_vector<std::string > > Kazv::RoomModel::eventReadUsers

A map from event id to a list of users that has read receipt at that point.

◆ heroIds

immer::flex_vector<std::string> Kazv::RoomModel::heroIds

◆ invitedMemberCount

std::size_t Kazv::RoomModel::invitedMemberCount {0}

◆ inviteState

immer::map<KeyOfState, Event> Kazv::RoomModel::inviteState

◆ joinedMemberCount

std::size_t Kazv::RoomModel::joinedMemberCount {0}

◆ localDraft

std::string Kazv::RoomModel::localDraft

◆ localEchoes

immer::flex_vector<LocalEchoDesc> Kazv::RoomModel::localEchoes

◆ localNotificationCount

std::size_t Kazv::RoomModel::localNotificationCount {0}

The local unread notification count for this room.

◆ localReadMarker

std::string Kazv::RoomModel::localReadMarker

The local read marker for this room.

Indicates that you have read up to this event.

◆ localUnreadCount

std::size_t Kazv::RoomModel::localUnreadCount {0}

The local unread count for this room.

◆ membersFullyLoaded

bool Kazv::RoomModel::membersFullyLoaded {false}

◆ membership

Membership Kazv::RoomModel::membership {}

◆ messages

immer::map<std::string, Event> Kazv::RoomModel::messages

◆ paginateBackToken

std::string Kazv::RoomModel::paginateBackToken

◆ pendingRoomKeyEvents

immer::flex_vector<PendingRoomKeyEvent> Kazv::RoomModel::pendingRoomKeyEvents

◆ readReceipts

immer::map<std::string , ReadReceipt> Kazv::RoomModel::readReceipts

Read receipts for all users.

◆ reverseEventRelationships

ReverseEventRelationshipMap Kazv::RoomModel::reverseEventRelationships

◆ roomId

std::string Kazv::RoomModel::roomId

◆ shouldRotateSessionKey

bool Kazv::RoomModel::shouldRotateSessionKey {true}

a marker to indicate whether we need to rotate the session key earlier than it expires (e.g.

when a user in the room's device list changed or when someone joins or leaves)

◆ stateEvents

immer::map<KeyOfState, Event> Kazv::RoomModel::stateEvents

◆ timeline

immer::flex_vector<std::string> Kazv::RoomModel::timeline

◆ timelineGaps

immer::map<std::string , std::string > Kazv::RoomModel::timelineGaps

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