Kazv::BaseJob::Private Struct Reference
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Public Member Functions

 Private (std::string serverUrl, std::string requestUrl, Method method, std::string token, ReturnType returnType, Body body, Query query, Header header, std::string jobId, std::optional< FileDesc > responseFile)

Public Attributes

std::string fullRequestUrl
Method method
ReturnType returnType
Body body
Query query
Header header
JsonWrap data
std::string jobId
std::optional< std::string > queueId
JobQueuePolicy queuePolicy
std::optional< FileDescresponseFile

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Private()

Kazv::BaseJob::Private::Private ( std::string  serverUrl,
std::string  requestUrl,
Method  method,
std::string  token,
ReturnType  returnType,
Body  body,
Query  query,
Header  header,
std::string  jobId,
std::optional< FileDesc responseFile 

Member Data Documentation

◆ body

Body Kazv::BaseJob::Private::body

◆ data

JsonWrap Kazv::BaseJob::Private::data

◆ fullRequestUrl

std::string Kazv::BaseJob::Private::fullRequestUrl

◆ header

Header Kazv::BaseJob::Private::header

◆ jobId

std::string Kazv::BaseJob::Private::jobId

◆ method

Method Kazv::BaseJob::Private::method

◆ query

Query Kazv::BaseJob::Private::query

◆ queueId

std::optional<std::string> Kazv::BaseJob::Private::queueId

◆ queuePolicy

JobQueuePolicy Kazv::BaseJob::Private::queuePolicy

◆ responseFile

std::optional<FileDesc> Kazv::BaseJob::Private::responseFile

◆ returnType

ReturnType Kazv::BaseJob::Private::returnType

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