Kazv::FileInterface Class Reference

#include <file-desc.hpp>

Public Member Functions

template<class DeriveT >
 FileInterface (DeriveT &&o)
 Constructor. More...
FileProvider getProviderFor (FileDesc desc) const
 Get the provider for desc from this. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ FileInterface()

template<class DeriveT >
Kazv::FileInterface::FileInterface ( DeriveT &&  o)


Construct a FileInterface using o.

o should be of a type that has the getProviderFor() const method that takes a FileDesc and returns an object implicitly convertible to FileProvider. That is, the following should be well-formed: [&o](FileDesc d) -> FileProvider { return static_cast<std::add_const_t<decltype(o)>>(o).getProviderFor(d); }

Member Function Documentation

◆ getProviderFor()

FileProvider Kazv::FileInterface::getProviderFor ( FileDesc  desc) const

Get the provider for desc from this.

: You should not call this directly. This function is called by FileDesc::provider().

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