Kazv::EncryptOlmEventAction Struct Reference

The action to encrypt events with olm for multiple devices. More...

#include <client-model.hpp>

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Public Types

using UserIdToDeviceIdMap = immer::map< std::string, immer::flex_vector< std::string > >

Static Public Member Functions

static std::size_t randomSize (UserIdToDeviceIdMap devices)

Public Attributes

UserIdToDeviceIdMap devices
 Devices to encrypt for. More...
Event e
 The event to encrypt. More...
RandomData random
 The random data for the encryption. More...

Detailed Description

The action to encrypt events with olm for multiple devices.

If the action is successful, The result r will be such that r.dataJson("encrypted") contains the json of the encrypted event.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ UserIdToDeviceIdMap

using Kazv::EncryptOlmEventAction::UserIdToDeviceIdMap = immer::map<std::string, immer::flex_vector<std::string> >

Member Function Documentation

◆ randomSize()

std::size_t Kazv::EncryptOlmEventAction::randomSize ( EncryptOlmEventAction::UserIdToDeviceIdMap  devices)

Member Data Documentation

◆ devices

UserIdToDeviceIdMap Kazv::EncryptOlmEventAction::devices

Devices to encrypt for.

◆ e

Event Kazv::EncryptOlmEventAction::e

The event to encrypt.

◆ random

RandomData Kazv::EncryptOlmEventAction::random

The random data for the encryption.

Must be of at least size randomSize(devices).

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